There’s a new fashion statement that is gaining popularity the world over. It’s not a new line of clothing from a famous designer but rather it’s a pair of everyday wear that comes with one’s personal wardrobe collection or for some, uniforms.

The modern accessory that has spawned a lot of innovative ideas centered around it is none other than the cord a person wears around the neck called the lanyard. One of the ideas spawned that fit perfectly, and on second thought, probably was designed to be its perfect partner is none other than the badge holders. Lanyards are basically designed to have employees or students to have their identification cards visibly displayed for easy identification. Before, IDs have small holes in them where a lanyard’s attachment such as clip or a hook can be inserted to hold the ID in place and displayed prominently. The problem with this is that many IDs were damaged or destroyed because of the hole tearing due to everyday use.

Enter the badge holders or ID holders for a more simple description. These holders were designed to house the identification cards to prevent them from being damaged and at the same time preserve and protect them from the elements for a much longer use.

Badge holderNot long after, because of the introduction of badge holders, every company and school or any other establishment want their employees and students to wear one. And soon, more and more designs were introduced and more and more sophisticated materials were used to make lanyards and badge holders and other attachments.

Some companies have also been known to hire well-known artists and designers to design their companies’ lanyards. Soon after, lanyard designs have become more hip and fashionable. More companies followed suit pouring in reasonable funds for IDs that started out solely for identification purposes and have now become somehow representative of the company which name is written, or etched, or hand-painted on the lanyard.

Employees started to view company identification cards not only as proof of employment but have started to view their lanyards and badge holders as part of their wardrobe and thus, either found a way to enhance or accentuate their way around it. Wearing lanyards has suddenly become fashionable. Wearing one’s company lanyard has become a competition of sorts on who has the better design and durability. In answer, companies recognized that IDs were no longer just a form of security identification but was evolving to become a potential company representation much like the usual coffee mugs, pens and notebooks that have the company logo and name. Suddenly, investing on an employee ID with a crafted lanyard seems to be a good move.

Advertising companies are quick to acknowledge the growing popularity of these items and have rightly capitalized on it. Pitching to business companies, lanyards became even more popular. Designs became more and more artistic and sophisticated. Materials that were used became more and more varied as companies strive to have the best design and functionality combined. Many accessories were also introduced to go with the lanyards such as safety locks, loops to hold small objects, hooks or clips to hold the identification cards instead of the usual and common ID holder.

With beautiful and functional designs, companies started handing out their personalized lanyards as party or corporate giveaways which is sometimes meant to be displayed instead of being worn around the neck.

Many companies have gone to great lengths to have their lanyards personalized and designed to their specifications because the lowly lanyard has now become a symbol of the company name it carries.